C1 Science Discussion Guides, 5th Ed.

(Are you in Classical Conversations? Though these guides are not part of my courses, they’re a shout out to my first audience- my CC students & science”notes” fans!)

Yes!  I'm updating all 3 Cycles of the Science Experiment downloads on CC Connected- and I'm having so much fun!  It's my big THANK YOU and BLESS YOU to all the fellow moms and tutors that have taught and loved on our students.  The guides are made to give you more talking points during the experiments and later on at home.  I'm pasting some samples here.  My favorite sections are: Scientific Method Discussion - talking points matching CC's suggested worksheet (pg 129).

Conclusion Bolded Words - to focus on in class or review at home.

Relating This to Cycle 1 - vocabulary with week numbers matching this year's science memory work

Images & Diagrams Page - a full page of photos to help bring the concepts home

At Home Ideas - for filling out your own science page, plus a project to try at home

What is the Scientific Method - defined and repeated each week, for kids and adults who want to go deeper

These go along with both Janice VanCleeve's 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizzare & Incredible Experiments and the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide Science Projects. Download them on the Foundations Tier of CC Connected (Log into Classical Conversations, click on Connected, scroll down to File Sharing, and select uploaded by “nicoleliem”)

(Note: Help me keep on keepin’ on, posting for free on CC Connected for those who really need it. These are a huge labor of love, time, and resources. If they’ve made your 24 weeks a little easier,  send a “Thanks!” and click the Donate tab above 🙂.  I’ll send you a virtual hug!!)