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Adventure Awaits…

I am so excited to share a secret with you. I am not a genius. Nope! I spent my school days working HARD. It just shouldn’t have been THAT hard. Was the load worth it? I walked away with a 4.5 gpa with 5 APs- that should have meant I loved learning, right? Instead, I felt it was mind-numbing and a serious kill-joy. I was jaded.

3 things have dramatically changed since then:

-I found a way to turn my wandering mind into an ally, finding adventure and creativity right where I am. I LOVE learning now! I’ve become a big history-science-and art buff. And NOT because anyone paid me. How’d that happen?

-Brain science has come a LONG way. I learned how our brains take in information. If we match our studying to it, we can make it more efficient, effective, and fun.

-I endeavored to teach my kids, and tutor many more. I’ve spent over a decade noticing what makes eyes glaze over and what makes them light up. I’ve seen how boredom and difficulty take you on a downward spiral, while a shot of confidence and creativity makes you reach for the stars.

Learning isn’t keeping your head down as you plod along. I believe we need to look up and see. Our brain’s power isn’t just muscle power, it’s creative power. A dose of that is the spoonful of sugar we all need. Add a bit of YOU to your studies, and you’ll remember it a lot better! I hope you’ll join me on a path of “Aha!” moments and discover your new love of learning!

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beginnings - Jan 2017, Los Angeles

The students in my Writing & Grammar class couldn’t take notes. Neither could the older ones down the hall. Hmm, this sounded like a challenge! After devouring a gazillion videos, books and TED Talks on brain science and study skills, my head was exploding with excitement. There was a better way to learn! Why didn’t I do this when I was in school??

The first time I saw a row of high school students walk in to my practicum seminar, I was prepared for eye-rolling. But No! Instead I heard,

  • “No one’s ever showed me how to USE my learning style before!”

  • “I never could’ve explained it like this!”

  • “I’ve had reading problems, but learning I could see material in a different way unlocked a whole new world for me!”

Students and parents have launched this farther and more creatively than I had ever imagined. I am seeing them approach textbooks, vocab, geography, and even their sermon notes differently!

If anything, this journey has taught me that I’m a life-long learner too. I’m hoping you’ll find your Aha! moments like I did. Don’t forget to let me know how this helps you love the way you learn :)

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