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My son loved it! Thank you so much for doing this!

-Julie S., Simi Valley, CA


My students need this.

-College professor, Flagstaff, AZ


“This was explained so well! I knew some of the note-taking forms- I just couldn’t figure out how to teach it to my kids, let alone in a day!”

-homeschooling mom, Anaheim, CA

“The key to tying it all together”

Who was lucky enough to attend Nicole’s first seminar? Me!

It was so good, that I attended another seminar 40 miles away from my house. I even convinced a friend of mine 75 miles away to attend with me. We both agreed that the drive and time spent were worth it.

This seminar was the key to tying all the little bits and pieces in my head together and putting them on paper in a cohesive and productive way. It opened up a whole new world of thinking for me.

My two children are vastly different in their learning and studying styles, but each got valuable and useful tips from the seminar. We now work smarter, not harder.

The Notes on Notes book is a gem. It is thorough, colorful, witty, and worth every penny.

Thanks Nicole!

Kristen T., Nevada

My Kids Need This & So Do I

The Notes on Notes was not only informative but fun and exciting. I truly feel Nicole's techniques and presentation give my boys a head start on how to organize the information they are learning in ways that best suit them. Can't wait for her online courses!!

-Monique A., Los Angeles, CA


A new way of studying… laughing all the way

I pulled your handbook down off the shelf this week when we were struggling. My daughter found an new way of studying cartography and was laughing all the way. It’s fun to see what she comes up with, and it really works for her!

Paige B., Los Angeles, CA


I learned that I’m visual and now I have notes that really work for me!

-student, Agoura Hills, CA