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“Can you just SHOW me?”

School life is a busy life. And you just want to make it simpler! You can pour over books and scour the internet, but it’s exhausting. I’ve put together these courses from my popular seminar to help you fast forward to the best proven and acclaimed methods. What makes this different is that you’re not told what to do, but actually shown how. Have a better experience studying~ starting with loving the way you learn!

Each course is a stand-alone course, but the best order would be:

  1. Be a Note Taking Ninja

  2. Study Skills that Work WITH your Brain

  3. Ban Boredom with Your Learning Styles

Be a Note Taking Ninja.png

Notes you can study from!

Be fast, sharp, effective and organized. Learn the best methods for different situations, from Cornell notes to Mind Mapping and much more. Understand how to finally take notes that are useful for studying, even making flashcards an option and not a requirement. Take differentiated notes on everything from textbooks, lectures, literature and poetry. Modify your highlighting and margin note techniques to boost your note taking and cut down on your study time. And understand the pros, cons, and differences of digitized notes and flashcards.

Ban Boredom with Your Learning Styles.png

Studying that speaks to YOU!

Add a bit of You to your notes, and you’ll increase both your motivation AND your chances of studying! Build your go-to study aids, based on your preferred learning style(s). Engage not just the muscle power of your brain, but your creative power to- drawing and singing skills NOT required :) Whether you’re an aural, kinesthetic, logical, verbal/reading/or writing learner, you’ll discover the benefits of practicing ALL these avenues to aid in long term memory. Dramatically increase your experience studying, boosting your recall and your fun!

Study Skills Osmosis 600x600-2.png

Study skills & Scheduling that work WITH your brain!

Learn the acclaimed study methods that help you see, organize, and understand information before you even write it down. Learn how much to study with methods like SQ3R, how often to study with Spaced Repetition, and how long to study with the Pomodoro technique and more. Discover how to integrate these techniques with the notes from the Be a Note Taking Ninja course. Experience information in different parts of your brain to increase recall, understanding, and long term memory. And learn the scheduling know-how and incentives that’ll help you stay ahead of the curve. Learn efficiency and front loading techniques that will both cut-down your study time and make it more effective!